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November 2016


About the DiscoveryGate®

Welcome to the DiscoveryGate – a powerful, easy-to-use application for accessing a wealth of scientific information through the Web. The DiscoveryGate speeds chemical sourcing and reduces costs by providing the fastest, most comprehensive tool available for assessing compound availability and comparing compound prices across more than 900 suppliers from both in the world’s most popular sourcing directory, the BIOVIA Available Chemicals Directory (ACD) and the BIOVIA Screening Compounds Directory (SCD).

What's New:

·         The JDraw sketcher has been replaced with Pipette Sketcher, as the Google Chrome browser discontinued support for Java applets. Therefore it is no longer required to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment). You may drag and drop a molfile (*.mol) onto the Pipette Sketcher window to open the file.


Previous Enhancements:


·         Anonymous search - DiscoveryGate no longer allows anonymous (non-logged-in) searches. More detail is in the Technical Note T88-2015

·         Export Catalog Information from Detail View – Export includes “Catalog Information” option, that exports all the catalog data associated to the chemical structure to an Excel file.

·         Enhancement on Exact search – Pipette Sketcher has the "Select Search Types" drop-down and you can now select Tautomers, Stereoisomers, Salts** or Isotopes in addition to the Exact match structure.

·         Similarity search added – Similarity search was added to the structure search options. You can select the normal similarity % value from 60 – 95. The detail on the Similarity value is described at BIOVIA Community Website: 

·         Export Identifier from Detail View – Export from the Detail View allow user to choose just that one result or the full result set

·         Search by Catalog number – Type a catalog number into the search field, and click the [SEARCH] button.

·         Catalog Retrieval – Click the [SELECT] button, type in the supplier catalog name in the text box and click [Search]. It returns all the chemicals that include the selected supplier catalog.

·         Export SDfile of a selected range – Select a range of records before exporting SDfile from your search result. Maximum number of structures in each SDfile is increased to 5000.


** The Salts definition recognizes the following as salt counterions:

         Alkali metals: Li, Na, K

         Halogens: F, Cl, Br

         Carbonates, nitrates, nitrites, perchlorates and sulfates

         Water (hydrates)


System Requirements



Internet Explorer

11 (If you have website in the Tools > Compatibility View Settings, please remove it.)

Mozilla Firefox

47.0 or later

Google Chrome

53.0 or later

Apple Safari (Mac Only)

4.0 or later

Java Runtime Environment


Microsoft Office

2007 or later

Microsoft Windows

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Mac OS

10.5.8 or later


Known Issues

Key #



[Pipette Sketcher] When drag and drop 3 or more molecules at a time into Pipette Sketcher window, the message, “Updating Atom Positions” message is displayed forever.

 Workaround: Click [Cancel] button at the lower right corner on the Pipette Sketcher window, and drop molecules one by one.


[Pipette Sketcher] Edge Browser is not supported. Drag and drop molecules into Pipette Sketcher does not work with Edge Browser.


[Pipette Sketcher] Copy option is missing in the Pipette Sketcher mini window at the upper left side.

Workaround: Open the structure in Pipette Sketcher, save it as a molfile and open it in BIOVIA Draw (or other chemical drawing application).


[Pipette Sketcher] Message "Structure contains items not supported by this application" appears if there is an abbreviation in the mol file. Structure is displayed as expanded.


Unable to copy/paste structures from BIOVIA Draw, ISIS/Draw, or ChemDraw to DiscoveryGate Pipette Sketcher.

Workaround: Save the chemical structure as a molfile (*.mol) and drug/drop the file on the Pipette Sketcher window.


Drag and drop the molecule does not clear the existing molecule in the Pipette Sketcher.

Workaround: Click on the existing structure once, and you see a box around the structure. Then drag/drop a molfile that replaces the structure.


"Catalog Information" export is not available with the option "Export full result set" yet.


'More Company Info' link may not be displayed in Detail View.

Workaround: Expand the Browser window till you see the link, then resize the window.

DGT-14297, DGT-14107

Atom font in Grid View is too small to view.

Workaround: Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the structure


After changing the page number in Detail View, switch from Detail View to Grid View. The Grid View may not be the same page where the molecule is associated with it.


The DiscoveryGate Team